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M-B Candies, Inc. was formed in 1965, and incorporated many old recipes for making the best quality hard candies found anywhere. Rucker's Candy Company purchased M-B Candies in 2000, and continues to use the same formulas and updated methods established 35 years ago. Renamed Rucker's Makin' Batch Candies , Inc., we continue to use the quality ingredients, cook in small batches, and hand detail many pieces. We also private label for many fine department stores , candy shops, hotels, and casinos.

While our commitment to M-B Candies legacy of quality is unwavering, we have changed many of the packages, as well as adding new items, flavors, and a new Makin' Batch Sugar Free line of candies. We have incorporated the newest in high-speed cookers, allowing us to increase our production, and we have purchased an automatic scale and bagging machine that will speed up packaging time. This allows us to produce more quality hard candy in a shorter time frame. Rucker's Makin' Batch also sells bulk and packaged goods to all segements of the trade.


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Please contact our sales staff to place your order for crushed candy.

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